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Game 10 Reminder

As a reminder, teams that lose their first round playoff games will play an additional game directly following their playoff loss.  For games played Tuesday through Friday, the 6pm game losing team will play the 7pm game losing team at 8pm, at the same court.  

The 8pm game result will not impact a team continuing in the playoffs.

by posted 02/09/2016
2016 Basketball Playoffs

Playoff brackets have been created and can be accessed by clicking the age and division in the table below.  Brackets have been created with blank SEED numbered teams.  The actual team name will replace the blank SEED team when all regular season games are completed and the standings are final. 

For example the team listed as SEED 1 will be replaced with the top team in the final standings, SEED 2 will be replaced with the next highest team, and so on for each team in the age division.  Please help us by recording your 2/6/16 game results as quickly as possible. 

The playoff brackets will be finalized Monday 2/8/16.  Please note, playoff game locations and times may change as we confirm court availability.   

In certain age division brackets, the top teams will receive a first round bye.  Teams that do not have a first round bye, and lose their first round playoff game will have their Game 10 immediately following the Game 9 loss.  Game 10 does not appear on the playoff bracket, but is visible on the Master Schedule.   


2nd Grade Boys D1 North 2nd Grade Boys D1 South
3rd Grade Boys D1 3rd Grade Boys D2 East
3rd Grade Boys D2 North 3rd Grade Boys D2 South
3rd Grade Girls D1 4th Grade Boys D1 North
4th Grade Boys D1 South 4th Grade Boys D2 East
4th Grade Boys D2 North 4th Grade Boys D2 South
4th Grade Girls D1 5th Grade Boys D1
5th Grade Boys D2 East 5th Grade Boys D2 North
5th Grade Boys D2 South 5th Grade Girls D1
6th Grade Boys D1 6th Grade Boys D2 East
6th Grade Boys D2 North 6th Grade Boys D2 South
6th / 7th / 8th Grade Girls D1 7th Grade Boys D1
7th Grade Boys D2 East 7th Grade Boys D2 North
7th Grade Boys D2 South 8th Grade Boys D1
8th Grade Boys D2  


3rd Grade Boys D2 Champions Bracket 4th Grade Boys D2 Champions Bracket
5th Grade Boys D2 Champions Bracket 6th Grade Boys D2 Champions Bracket
7th Grade Boys D2 Champions Bracket  


by Matt Daughenbaugh posted 02/02/2016
AYL 2015-2016 News!

Breaking News:  AYL Basketball Increases Season Games and Introduces Preseason Tournament!


AYL Basketball is excited to announce MORE GAMES for the 2015/2016 Basketball Season!  All teams will have a minimum of 8 games during the season followed by a single elimination playoff tournament (all teams invited + 1st round consolation loser game.

In addition, AYL is launching its first preseason tournament (participation is optional, team fee will be announced in mid-October). 

Detailed calendar:

Optional preseason Tournament: November 20-22, 2015

  • 3-Game Guarantee, team fee $300 early registration, $350 after 10/22.

AYL Basketball Schedules posted: 11/24/2015

First Season Games: December 4-5, 2015

  • All teams will have at least 2 double-headers during the season play

Holiday Hoops Tournament: December 27–30, 2015

  • Optional Participation, Registration $350 per team

AYL/Nuggets Game: 1/25/16 vs Atlanta Hawks

Final Season Games: February 5-6, 2016

Playoff Tournament: February 9-18, 2016 (Single Elimination)

Finals:  2/20/2016 at Vista Peak High School (Backup date: 2/27/2016)

posted 07/20/2015
Welcome to the new basketball page


The Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) offers the premier youth competitive basketball league in the South metro Denver area. The AYL is organized by Member Clubs that manage different territories in the areas that we support.  We offer teams from 2nd through 8th grade with 2 levels of competition for 3rd through 8th grade.  

For the 2015-2016 basketball season, the AYL Basketball board has made some changes to our levels of competition in the hopes that they will be less confusing and provide a better competitive experience for the teams in each division.


Levels of Play:


Division 1: This level of competition is intended for kids who have been playing basketball consistently and understand fundamentals of ball handling and basic game rules.  Teams that have played together in other leagues for at least 1 year should consider playing at this level.   Returning AYL teams that have a greater than 50% winning record AND 60% or more of their players returning are required to play at this level.

Division 2: This level of competition is intended for kids who desire a competitive basketball experience but may not have been playing on a consistent team in previous years or are just moving up from a recreational league.    

All teams will be reviewed by the Basketball Board to determine if further division of age groups is necessary, based on teams registered.  Divisions within age groups will be split into further groups: West, East, South and Midwest.  The Board will work together to create groups based on standings history and coach information to provide for better competitive matchups.  Based on number of teams registered, separate playoff and championship games may be provided to groups as appropriate.


It is the AYL basketball Board's goal to manage a program that is fun and promotes sportsmanship and a lifelong love of the game of basketball.  Throughout the season we will post updates and other additional information so please check back periodically

Susan Eakin
AYL VP of Basketball




by posted 07/20/2015
AYL goes mandatory concussion for training for all coaches!
It is now mandatory that all coaches that coach in the AYL must take the NFHS Concussion Class.  For more info click on Senate Bill 40 click the menu button to the left or to take the certification class now click here.

posted 04/19/2011
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